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We develop our production activity and engineering processes by designing, developing and producing switchboard, electrical panels and systems for the command and control of industrial automation over an area of 11,400 square feet

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The Company

Throughout our history, we have gone from simple automation to producing industrial globalization systems, therefore interconnecting the production plant to Cloud, Mobile and Web systems.

Thanks to our highly qualified staff, we offer turn-key solutions for electrical designing, construction and realization of electrical switchboards, on-board machine wiring, PLC software development, production and realization of HMI man-machine interfaces, product traceability’s data collection, statistical analysis for the plant and factory’s performance, production software management, computer learning and interfacing with the company’s management program.

CRIBIS Maximum Commercial Reliability Certificate for 2019

“Prime Company” is one of the most important awards that CRIBIS, a CRIF Group company, provides after a rigorous assessment of the company’s financial strength.
According to the criteria of the CRIBIS D&B Rating, many variables are examined as financial statement ratios, payment experiences, prejudicial information, company size and seniority, etc.
We are proud to show to our customers this additional asset that certifies GEMA’s reliability.

Partnership program

In addition to our internal staff, we adopt competent and reliable partnership in order to contribute continually to the practical realization of our multiple projects.

Furthermore, cooperation agreements with other companies and expert professionals involved in specific areas, allow our offer to be complete for any automation related request, therefore offering to our customers the most professional qualified resources and solutions in every realm in order to guarantee the highest possible quality of technological production both nationally and internationally.


We Build Tools For Industrial Automation

Thanks to a cutting-edge technical team equipped with the most modern technologies, we widen and complete our offer through the software programming of electronic systems.

We proudly have a division that dedicates completely  its time, resources and energy to hardware and software after-sales technical assistance and to commissioning.

In the field of Industrial Automation, our manufactured products are exported in four continents equipping, over the years, more than 5,000 machine tools.


Our production includes

Industrial Automation Switchboards

Command and Control Panels

Process Plants Switchboards

Electrical Wirings

Special Orders and Executions

On-Board Machine Systems and Equipments

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